Forget Me Not Garden Labels came about as a result of searching for plant labels for our own garden. In 2008 our garden was professionally landscaped, and over 50 different plants planted. I have a pretty good memory but knew if asked I would stumble to name all the plants.

To my mind garden labels need to look great, must last a long time, be preferably made of hard wearing materials, and show the plants common and botanical names, perhaps even the date it was planted in the garden.

This led me to search the internet, gardening forums and blogs, seeing and buying samples of labels available at nurseries and online. My search led me to conclude that what I wanted as a plant label was not readily available at a reasonable price.

Further discussion with friends, business acquaintances, keen gardeners, horticulturalists, and landscapers confirmed my research and the germ of an idea was born.

After fleshing out the idea a bit further, I discussed the idea with my husband.

We asked “How hard could it be to manufacture individually engraved plant labels?”

To cut a long story short, after a lot of development, trial and error, we are now able to offer individually engraved plant labels to you at a reasonable price.

I now have the garden labels I always wanted!

Helene Campbell